Beneficial Products

VEOMEE is a contemporary company with a new understanding of people and markets that develops products with comprehensive values.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

VEOMEE GmbH is committed to this fact when it comes to new products which are developed, distributed and marketed by us. Relevance, timing and sustainable added value are the focus of our work for the customer.

VEOMEE was founded in 2018 by the three shareholders Dr. Frank Höfer, Mr. Eike Buschmann and Mr. Philipp Hess. Technology, marketing and sales are thus firmly anchored at the core of the company. Each of the individuals involved has a wealth of experience, as they have accumulated valuable knowledge in their respective fields over decades.

Another important focus is on VEOMEE’s understanding towards our customers, which we meet in our core statement: beneficial products.
VEOMEE no longer thinks of the 4 P model – Product, Place, Price and Promotion – as in classical marketing. VEOMEE also extends and works with the fifth P: Planet. Beneficial products from VEOMEE are therefore always holistic.

Hybrid protection

VEOMEE realizes a unique skin protection principle that has proven itself millions of times over for more than 25 years. After application of the VEOMEE foam, a two-dimensional network IN the skin is formed. This means that there is no abrasion (e.g. with creams and ointments). After a few minutes a highly effective skin protection for a duration of more than 4 hours is created, not only on the hands, but also on the whole body, including the face.

What makes VEOMEE stand out from the others?

VEOMEE works in the skin. It creates a highly effective protective net, impermeable to bacteria/viruses, yet fully breathable. The pleasant consequences: no sweating of the hands, no unpleasant feeling of fat or oil on the skin, plus a fully effective protection against intolerances. Even the feeling of touch, which is so important, remains unrestricted.

VEOMEE is another important building block for an improved hygiene and skin protection plan. And best of all, the use of VEOMEE not only protects our environment – keyword waste avoidance – but also makes an elementary contribution to reducing costs in medical facilities.

Skin health


No allergic symptoms during use from VEOMEE under disposable gloves*

Skin protection


100% improvement of skin protection symptoms against alkalis, acids, organic solvents and contact allergens**



No toxic, contact-allergic and photo-dynamik properties



Sustainably reduces consumables with a negative ecobalance

Cost savings


When using VEOMEE as opposed to disposable gloves

* Tufts University of Dental Medicine, Boston MA
** measured e.g. as alkali resistance according to Burckhard, University Dermatological Clinic, Freiburg