Beauty Care

Protection for the most valuable employees – your hands

Our hands are the most important tool for earning a living. However, in many professions they are exposed to countless stress factors, such as micro-pollution, chemicals and other harmful environmental influences.

VEOMEE protects your hands by effectively preventing penetration into the skin without wearing latex gloves. As a result, you can work with the precision of your hands again, without running the risk of damaging them. Even those who prefer to work with gloves and suffer from the moisture in the glove can now be helped to protect their skin effectively.

VEOMEE implements a unique skin protection principle that has proven itself millions of times over for more than 25 years.

Cosmetic treatments

Pampering treatments are a beloved service. Unfortunately the daily contact with water as well as different peelings, creams and masks can lead to skin stress up to occupational disability (e.g. contact allergy). With VEOMEE you protect yourself from this and the important feeling of touch remains unrestricted.

Apparative treatment methods

In the areas of permanent make-up, microdermabrasion, needling or other apparative methods, direct contact with small wounds is unavoidable. VEOMEE provides full hygiene and protection for both the customer and the person performing the procedure.

Foot Care | Podiatry

No more sweating in protective gloves – with simultaneous protected skin contact with your customers. They will now enjoy the relaxing massage twice over! VEOMEE is the guarantor for a safe house protection.

Manicure | Nail design

Protect your skin from infectious dusts, solvents, paints and varnishes during modelling and varnishing and get your fingertip back – with VEOMEE.


Washing, dyeing, toning, stripping, rinsing – this means a daily stress programme for your hands and can lead to some skin sensitisation in the course of a working life, despite the use of latex gloves. With VEOMEE you can wipe this problem off the table in no time.