Food Production

Honest craftsmanship needs true skin protection.

Undoubtedly, skin stress is increasing everywhere – especially in food processing industries. This means that in all bakeries, restaurants, cafés and bistros there is an increased need for action. For better self-protection of the user and the customer.

Daily contact with bacteria and allergy-promoting substances requires a holistic solution that provides reliable protection, prevents contact allergies and prevents skin eczema from developing in the first place – VEOMEE.

Especially the use of latex gloves often causes skin problems. On the one hand through a possible intolerance, on the other hand through the increased sweating of the isolated skin surface. With VEOMEE latex gloves are no longer necessary, while at the same time the hands are completely protected. VEOMEE also ensures that the user’s skin remains breathable and that no annoying sweating occurs.


Prepare the product, bake quickly, serve the coffee and collect the cash on the side. The work in many bakeries has changed, because more and more dishes are prepared “on the fly”. One minute ago still at the oven, the next moment in direct skin contact with the customer at the money acceptance. And all this with latex gloves, of which many employees suffer from skin problems and which, on top of that, often encourage slipping of the hands. VEOMEE you not only protect the health of your employees and loyal customers, but also make a significant contribution to the environment. Compared to the use of latex gloves, there are also cost savings of up to 33%.


Cooking is still a real craft today. In the kitchens of restaurants there is a lot going on. Various ingredients are professionally prepared at an immense speed. However, the important contact with many foods carries a not inconsiderable risk for the transmission of bacteria, for example. Latex gloves are supposed to prevent this, but besides the danger of intolerance, they unfortunately have the disadvantage that the necessary sensitivity of the cooks is lost. VEOMEE provides full skin protection for all your employees. It reliably prevents bacteria from entering the skin and, on top of that, has a tolerance rate of 100%.